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To commission a project, e-mail me with what you want me to make, and when you need it (concept sketches are helpful but not needed). I will e-mail you back asking for what other details I would need before I can give you a quote.

I am more likely to accept a commission if it is something I have not done before, and if it has a long lead time.


Commissions are currently closed, however you can still buy items that are in stock below:

Available products [lead time is valid only if 0 in stock]:

(Inventory Qty updated on August 5th, 2013)

Pricing (includes shipping to US, all prices in US dollars, Paypal is preferred):

Mini tail servo controller:

    $40.00 [lead time 1-2 weeks, 3 in stock]  

How to install a Mini Tail Servo Controller

How to program a Mini Tail Servo Controller

Button board (compatible with the Mini tail servo controller):

    $10.00 [lead time 1-2 weeks, 3 in stock] (note: I am out of button board PCBs, however I can make them out of perf board).

2 axis 36" Version 4.0 animatronic tail:

                $600.00 [lead time (e-mail), 0 in stock]

note: This is actually a commission so you have a bunch of options: type of servos, battery type, length, fur covering, species, movements, etc... 

Tail comes already programmed with a fully charged battery and is ready to go, however, if you would like to adjust any of the settings you can. The tail is fully user programmable all with the buttons (you don't need a computer to program it), how to program a tail.

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